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Free Download REHub Theme v14.9 Latest Version [Activated]



Free Download REHub Theme v14.9 Latest Version [Activated]

REHub Theme Free Download (Latest) – REHub is the number one money making theme for WordPress. This theme is very suitable for all modern online business websites. If you want to build a profitable niche website, then REHub should be your first choice, because the theme has all the features and built-in tools that can take your website to a new level. This is why Amazon still recommends this topic on affiliate marketing sites. This theme comes with some of the most popular plugins, such as WP Bakery Page Builder, Revolution Slider, Advanced Product Filter, etc.

On the REHub theme, you do not need any schema markup plugins. Since the developer adds social mode markup to search engine feeds by default, it also supports AMP to improve website speed on mobile devices. REHub is also an advertisement-friendly theme. It allows you to place ads in the middle content, sidebar area, out of content ads and sticky ads to increase advertising revenue. Its loading time will also leave a deep impression on you because it loads very fast. The speed optimization score of this topic on GTMetrix is ​​90+, which is very good. Overall, REHub is a multifunctional theme for affiliate marketers with advanced features.

REHub Theme Latest Version [Activated] Free Download

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Important Features Of REHub Theme – Multi-Purpose Hybrid WordPress Theme

  • Optimized for search engines
  • Rich snippets added by default
  • Multi-store features also included
  • Some premium plugins are also added to the theme package
  • Advanced WordPress functions
  • Product comparison feature
  • Optimized for Gutenberg editor
  • Front-end controls
  • Social login or register options
  • Pre-designed demos
  • Mobile optimized
  • Site width control options
  • Price drop widget
  • Modern and clean design
  • Lightweight codes
  • Paid membership system also included
  • Geo My WordPress plugin support for store locator
  • Advanced search filters
  • Custom tables support
  • AMP support for mobile users
  • Special post layouts
  • Member type system
  • Responsive tables
  • Advanced rating system
  • Amazing page loading speed
  • Allows to disable unused features or blocks

Live Demo/Preview of REHub Theme v14.9 – Multi-Purpose Money Making WordPress Theme

What’s New in REHub v14.9 (Changelog)

  • Added: Dynamic title option (to use current year in titles or other shortcodes).
  • Added: Smart mobile scroll classes.
  • Added: AWIN templates for Content Egg.
  • Added: Analytics module for RH Link PRO plugin to get a statistic on clicks of theme’s buttons.
  • Fixed: Cardbox module if you use icons in the title.
  • Improvement: Side templates and floating panel for mobiles + Mycred icons.
  • Fix different critical fixes for 5.6: preloader, Seo Yoast incompatibility.
  • Update: Style code refactoring. Near 50% reduction in the size of general styles.
  • And many other small changes and bug fixes.

DESCRIPTION REHub v14.9 Blog/Magazine WordPress Theme

TypeWordPress Theme  (Original Zip File, Not Nulled)
NameREHub v14.9 – Price Comparison, Multi Vendor Marketplace, Affiliate Marketing, Community Theme
VersionREHub v14.9 (Latest Version)
Update13 Maret, 2021
Demo/Sales PageREHub Demo
CategoryBlog/Magazine WordPress Theme
Selling (Vendor: sizam)
Download TypeOriginal Zip File, No Nulled Version, No License Key, No Activation Key, No Registration Key, No Purchase Code, No Crack, Free Download from Google Drive, 4shared, mediafire

REHub Theme– Price Comparison, Multi Vendor Marketplace, Affiliate Marketing, Community Theme is an ultimate multipurpose hybrid Theme. Themes for profitable websites include many modern business models. Each part can be configured and used separately or you can combine them all into one site. We used most of the real trends and the best unique SEO tools to build advanced WordPress functions that you won’t find in other themes.

First thing which you should do once you install REHub – Price Comparison, Multi Vendor Marketplace, Affiliate Marketing, Community Theme is settings for general options. The most easy way to change them is WordPress customizer. You can find them in theme option > appearance > color custom > color setting.

By default site doesn’t have borders and background but you can enable boxed version to add site borders and set own background color, background image and even set branded banner for background and URL to background.

Next options are header and menu. We provide a lot of variants for header layout. If you want to add maximum number of useful elements in header we recommend to choose shop comparison header layout or customizable header layout. You can enable different system elements in theme, add icons labels and even custom elements. You can enable wish-list counter in header. We recommend to read our documentation about inner wish-list system. You can find there different ways how to use wish-list, how to enable support for cash plugins, how to enable wish-list for only logged users.

Header also has custom element area where you can use HTML and short codes. You can use this area to add some conditional or static elements, for example you can add phone number. This area supports HTML tags and you can use special classes which you can find in documentation. Use these classes to format your custom elements for example to make text more bigger add bold, font weight.

You can also add icons from font awesome site and even pro icons will work there. You can also place their conditional elements, for example you can show some elements only to vendors or for users with special roles.

You can change background color for whole header area but you will find that some system elements will be not visible on dark backgrounds this is why we added special option to make your elements as white color, also you can change size for menu. When you do changes make sure that you have enough space for all your menu items to prevent them from dropping to next line. You can enable or disable top line of site. This line has additional menu which you can assign an appearance menu panel in right side of top line. You can find custom area where you can also play static or dynamic content like text buttons cart and others footer option is similar to header options and you can change background and colors, add text blocks or disable footer widgets.

All shop settings are divided to two areas. First area is standard WooCommerce settings. In catalog options you can choose what you want to show on shop and category pages and change default order for shop in image options. You can change ratio and crop by default. All images are cropped and you can disable this crop. WooCommerce image system can’t make custom height for images so if you have site where you use vertical images and you want to set own height for images, you must go to theme options > shop settings and find custom image option.

REHub – Price Comparison, Multi Vendor Marketplace, Affiliate Marketing, Community Theme provides several unique styles for shop design and you can choose own variants which fits to your needs and type of style. Additionally you can change also color and size for heading and price text.

All shop modules have also custom element area which you can use to show attributes. REHub – Price Comparison, Multi Vendor Marketplace, Affiliate Marketing, Community Theme supports special product swatches so you can show attributes as text color, tags text and even images directly in product loops. We made some examples in documentation but we will show some advanced techniques for this area in upcoming videos.

Gutenberg as new WordPress editor which is available from 5th version of WordPress, it works similar to front-end editors and you can add different blocks to post content.

REHub – Price Comparison, Multi Vendor Marketplace, Affiliate Marketing, Community Theme is Gutenberg optimized theme. It means that everything what you see in admin pages when you create post in Gutenberg will have the same style on your site. 

REHub – Price Comparison, Multi Vendor Marketplace, Affiliate Marketing, Community Theme can synchronize your custom colors and fonts for all Gutenberg blocks. For example, add red color now reload your Gutenberg page and you will find that all Gutenberg blocks also changed default colors.

Elementor is one of the best front-end layout and page builder and now REHub – Price Comparison, Multi Vendor Marketplace, Affiliate Marketing, Community Theme has advanced support for Elementor free and Elementor pro plugins. We added nearly 40 custom modules so you can create any type of advanced pages, landings post layouts, home pages. We recommend to visit element or settings and enable post types where you want to use Elementor then make sure that you have disabled default color and font of Elementor. This will make your site a bit faster.

Button colors filter panel is unique feature of REHub – Price Comparison, Multi Vendor Marketplace, Affiliate Marketing, Community Theme. Here you can add additional Ajax filter panel before products. First of all we will add title for filter panel, nothing happens in current stage because we didn’t add any items for filters. Let’s do this, we recommend to leave first tab as default. This first tab will work as return back filter so users can return to initial results. We will modify second filter, here you can choose what to show once user click on this filter, you can filter by comment, number, custom metal value, taxonomy value, price range and other filters meta value.

Additionally you can add taxonomy chooser in filter panel. For example, you can add product category selector in filter panel. You can add background to panel and change colors for active filters. All filters in filter panel are also affected by global settings of module which you set in data query.

Inside Elementor, there are a lot of ready blocks and pages which you can add to your site. Click on folder icon and you will get list of all available blocks. Now choose block which you want and insert on page as you see our block was added an end of page. But what if we want to move it on top of page, you can drag and drop this block but there is also more easy way. Make right-click on page and enable navigator then you can move your blocks in navigator.

What if we want to add section with sidebar to our full width page. It’s easy, choose two columns in section then place block to left area and place sidebar area to right column. I think that sidebar area is too big so we may need to reduce it. Just click on section and set with which you want.

Your layout can look different for different gadgets, so we recommend to check it for several width in settings of each section. You can choose width of section for responsive design. All other settings also can have separate values for each width. For example, you can reduce spacer height for tablets.

REHub – Price Comparison, Multi Vendor Marketplace, Affiliate Marketing, Community Theme provides different ways to enable front-end registration and login. First of all make sure that you use one of header layouts with login elements in header. It’s shop comparison header layout and customisable header layout then make sure that you enable blog in pop up.

Free Download REHub v14.9 (Latest) – Multi-Purpose Money Making WordPress Theme

Mediafire Link:

4shared Link:

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Themes And Plugin

Slider Revolution v6.4.8 WordPress Plugin Free Download




Free download Slider Revolution v6.4.8 [full package]

Download Slider Revolution responsive WordPress plugin for free – Slider Revolution is one of the most popular slider plugins for WordPress, with more than 375,000 sales on the Envato market. Using the Slider Revolution plugin, you can create the most advanced image sliders and carousels, social media feeds, hero titles, content modules, etc. The plug-in includes a powerful visual editor with many modern features and options to create beautiful sliders for websites. Slider Revolution has automatic layout options for fast response. The slider built with this plugin will automatically adjust its size according to the screen width. The visual editor of the plug-in is very friendly and eye-friendly, and supports dark mode. It is easy to build a slider with this plugin, and even a novice can complete it in a few minutes.

The Slider Revolution plugin also has a large number of pre-made templates, which contain all media assets, including images and icons. You can import and use these templates with just one click. These templates are divided into sliders, carousels, heroes, special FX, social media, etc. You can also extend the functionality of Slider Revolution plug-ins by installing professionally designed plug-ins. It supports 27 advanced plug-ins, which can add different types of transitions and effects to the slider, such as front and back, brush, deformation, etc. This plugin should keep performance in mind when writing code. This means it will not affect the loading speed of the website. Overall, Slider Revolution is a feature-rich and responsive WordPress plugin.

Slider Revolution WordPress Plugin Free Download

Recommended Theme:

The core function of Slider Revolution – theme responsive WordPress plugin

  • Powerful visual editor
  • Response options
  • No coding knowledge required
  • More than 200 ready-to-use pre-made templates
  • Single scene hero head builder 27 plugins support adding other functions
  • Video slider
  • Dark user interface
  • Faster loading time
  • Cross browser support
  • Deep animation options
  • Animation preset
  • Prefabricated layer group
  • More than 2500 element object libraries include fonts, icons, images, videos, etc.
  • Special effect
  • Unlimited possibilities
  • Parallax background
  • Sliding delay option
  • Slideshow transition settings
  • All types of media support
  • Front and rear slider
  • Post Featured Slider
  • Typewriter effect

Live demo / Slider Revolution v6.4.8 preview – the best selling WordPress slider plugin

New features of Slider Revolution v6.4.8 (Changelog):

  • Change: Post metadata will no longer be saved when it is default.
  • Fixed the image boundary in the column where the image in the column covers its own boundary.
  • Bug fix: The first click of the slider module will now double check for the presence of video in the active slide before triggering the call.
  • Fix: Due to an error in the sanitize function, rows with 10 columns are not allowed. This error has been resolved/ Fixed the optimizer, in this case, network safe fonts will destroy font size output in some rare cases
  • Bug fix: When importing template slides in the editor, no single slide can be seen. Added protections for the layer types “textshadow” and “boxshadow”. Due to the rapid style editor used in the RS version conversion, these protections may be added accidentally.
  • Fix: Due to lack of spaces between class names, styles based on the position of navigation bullets do not work properly.

Description Slider Revolution responsive WordPress plugin v6.4.8 is available for download

TypeWordPress Plugin  (Original Zip File + Nulled)
NameSlider Revolution Responsive WordPress Plugin v6.4.6 Nulled Download
Versionv6.4.8 (Latest Version)
Update16 April, 2021
Demo/Sales PageSlider Revolution Responsive WordPress Plugin Sales Page
CategoryMiscellaneous WordPress Plugin
Selling PlatformCodecanyon (Vendor: themepunch)
Download TypeOriginal Zip File & Nulled Version, No License Key, No Activation Key, No Registration Key, No Purchase Code, No Crack, Free Download from Google Drive, mediafire, 4shared

Slider Revolution Responsive WordPress Plugin is a new easiest & best way to build rich & dynamic content for your blog or websites. With Slider Revolution Responsive WordPress Plugin, which is a powerful visual editor, you can create modern designs in a quick time, and without any coding experience.

Slider Revolution Responsive WordPress Plugin is a new way to create rich and dynamic content for your WordPress websites. With the help of powerful visual editor, you can create modern designs in no time, and no coding skill is required.

Create sliders and carousels, hero headers, content modules, full websites, dynamic solutions and special FX with our amazing add-ons.

Slider Revolution Responsive WordPress Plugin’s online library includes 200+ templates. Sophisticated design. Easily customized.

Recommended Plugin Rank Math Pro Free Download SEO Plugin for WordPress

Free Download Slider Revolution v6.4.8 Latest Version – Premium Slider Plugin for WordPress

Mediafire Link:

4shared Link:

Recommended Plugin: WP Rocket [Infinite] Premium Caching Plugin Free Download

Free Download Slider Revolution Addons

Mediafire Link:

4shared Link:

Note: To install and use Slider Revolution Addons, you have to upload their zip files as a plugin one by one from your WordPress Dashboard (Plugins>>Add New).

Addons Last Updated on April 16, 2021

Free Download Pre-made Pro Templates

To use these templates, you have to download the zip file and manually import them using the “Manual Import” option of the Slider Revolution plugin. If any templates are missing please let us know we will add them asap.

Mega Link:

Recomended Themes : Bimber Theme Viral Magazine Free Download [Activated]

Best Plugin And Theme

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Themes And Plugin

Bimber Theme v9.0.2 Viral Magazine Free Download [Activated]




Free Download Bimber Theme v9.0.2 Best Magazine WordPress Theme [Activated]

Bimber Theme Latest Version Free Download WordPress Theme [Activated]

Bimber Theme Latest Version Free Download – Bimber Theme is the best selling and one of the popular WordPress theme designed for viral niche websites. You can create and launch a fully feature loaded viral site in a matter of a few hours using this theme. Bimber has a lot of features that are essential for a viral niche website.

The developers of this theme claim that it is a highly optimized theme for page loading speed. Like every other viral niche theme, It also has the support of AMP to rank higher in Google search results. Bimber also has great supports for a dark mode which is good for your site user’s eyes. Users can enable or disable dark mode with a beautifully designed eye-catching switcher available at the header area. It also has a feature to upload a custom logo only for dark mode.

Best Theme Wp : Top 13 Best WordPress Themes for [2021] Free Download

Bimber theme is 100% compatible with Gutenberg editor and some other popular page builders. You can use any page builder or WordPress default editor to design beautiful pages of your site. This theme has 19+ ready to use professionally designed demos. You can import all demos with default content, widgets, and plugins with just one click. It also has 9+ premade demos for magazine type websites.

The most amazing feature of the Bimber theme is its AdBlocker Detector which detects visitors who are using an adblocker and asks them to disable it. It also gives an option to completely block the content for those visitors who are using an adblocker. Overall, Bimber is a perfectly designed and well-coded theme for viral or magazine sites.

Recommended Plugin: WPForms Pro – With All Pro Addons Free Download

Core Features of Bimber Theme – Viral Magazine WordPress Theme

  • 100% responsive
  • Well Coded
  • Ready to use predesigned demos
  • Popular, Hot, and Trending list
  • Homepage filters
  • Related posts from the same category to increase users time
  • Sticky social sharing bar
  • Fake counters to increase social shares
  • Share button at every possible location
  • Multiple ad slots with a sticky option
  • No 3rd party plugins needed
  • Frontend uploader
  • NSFW content support
  • Reaction and bandages
  • Ajax search bar
  • Slide-in ads
  • Megamenu support
  • Light and Dark skin mode with switcher
  • AMP for WP support
  • Six theme exclusive plugins – AdAce, G1 Socials, MediaAce, Photomix, Snax, and What’s your reaction.
  • Retina and GDPR ready
  • Optimized for page speed

Best magazine Theme WordPress : Magazine Pro Genesis Child Theme WP Free Download

Sales Page Bimber Theme v9.0.2 – WordPress Theme by bringthepixel

What’s New in Bimber Theme v9.0.2 (Changelog)

  • Improved – myCRED plugin: points (new hook) for the owner for voting on his post/item.
  • AdAce plugin: Sponsors taxonomy support for Quizzes and Polls.
  • What’s Your Reaction plugin: Reactions taxonomy support for Polls.
  • Fixed – Video (embed) not stripped from post content.
  • Fixed – Submenu inside the footer causes scrollbars.
  • WPBakery Page Builder plugin integration: responsive videos.
  • WooCommerce plugin integration: off-canvas doesn’t work on a single product page.
  • Fixed – Mashshare plugin integration: square brackets in post title breaks the share buttons.
  • Fixed – Restrict Content Pro plugin integration: missing checkboxes.
  • Fixed – Snax plugin: Browse Files dialog doesn’t work for the item submission form, on a list.
  • And some other minor improvements and enhancements.

Recommended Theme : Bimber Theme Viral Magazine Free Download [Activated]

DESCRIPTION Bimber v9.0.2 – Viral Magazine WordPress Theme

TypeWordPress Theme (Original Zip File, Not Nulled)
NameBimber – Viral Magazine WordPress Theme v9.0.2 Free Download
Versionv9.0.2 (Latest Version)
Update16 April, 2021
DemoBimber Demo
CategoryThemeforest WordPress Theme
Selling PlatformThemeforest (Author : bringthepixel)
Download TypeOriginal Zip File, No Nulled Version, No License Key, No Activation Key, No Registration Key, No Purchase Code, No Crack, Free Download from Google Drive, mediafire, 4shared

Bimber – Viral Magazine WordPress Theme is a viral magazine theme. It enables you to create a fully functional viral website in a couple of hours. Bimber comes with powerful sharing buttons, popular, hot, trending listings and multiple ad locations. Bimber – Viral Magazine WordPress Theme is a complete light weigth and easy to use package.

The 7th version of the best selling viral theme is all about video! There have been added many video-related features and another amazing demo, this time inspired by YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion and other video sites.

Free Download Bimber Theme v9.0.2 Latest Version – Viral WordPress Theme

Mediafire Link:

4shared Link:

Recommended Slider Plugin: Slider Revolution Responsive WordPress Plugin Free Download

Recommended Page Builder Plugin: Elementor Pro Plugin WordPress [All Features Activated] Free Download

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Themes And Plugin

Avada Theme v7.3.1 Free Download – Responsive WordPress Theme




Free Download Avada Theme v7.3.1 Latest Version [Activated]

Avada WordPress Theme Free Download – Avada is the top-selling theme ever on ThemeForest. This theme is one of the best multi-purpose and flexible WordPress themes currently available. By using Avada, you can build any type of personal or professional website without touching any line of code. This theme comes with a drag and drop page builder called Fusion builder. The Fusion builder enhances the functionality of the Avada theme. It allows you to use its 55+ builder elements to create unique and creative page layouts. Avada also provides integration with popular plugins, such as All in One SEO Pack, Yoast SEO, Wprocket, UpdraftPlus, Ubermenu, etc. The support of popular SEO plugins makes this theme search engine friendly.

The Avada WordPress theme also has a record of the best demo importer themes. If you don’t want to spend time building unique templates for your website, you can use its demo importer to launch your website in just a few clicks. You can easily import from more than 45 pre-made demo sites designed by professional developers. There is at least one demo website for this topic, covering almost all market segments or industries. The flexible demo import function of Avada theme also allows you to import part of the demo layout for your website, you can edit it according to your requirements and make it unique. In simple words, whether it’s a simple blog, healthcare blog, sports, finance, charity or e-commerce site, Avada is a great choice for all segments.

Avada Theme Free Download - Responsive WordPress Theme

Recommended Flexible Theme: GeneratePress Premium Theme GP Premium Free Download

Core Features of Avada Theme v7.3.1 – Multi-Purpose Responsive WordPress Theme

  • Multi-purpose theme
  • Mobile responsive design
  • Clean codes
  • 5 Lakh+ sales
  • 6 Premium plugins included in the theme package
  • Ready to use 48+ pre-designed professional site and 300+ web page designs
  • So many customization options
  • Demo installer to import demo content
  • Fusion builder to build custom pages
  • Very flexible and powerful theme
  • Child theme support
  • SEO friendly design
  • 50+ panels to customize theme options
  • Support page options for better control
  • Partial demo import option
  • Gallery Elements to create beautiful image Galleries
  • Shortcodes support
  • Slider support
  • Fusion core plugin support
  • Built-in mega menu
  • Parallax effects
  • Revolution Slider + Layer Slider Plugin included
  • Dual Sidebar support
  • Up to 6 columns layout
  • Advanced Portfolio options

Demo/Preview of Avada v7.3.1 – #1 Selling Theme for WordPress

What’s New in Avada Theme v7.3.1 (Changelog)

  • NEW: Added product sorting options to the WooCommerce Carousel elements.
  • NEW: Direct link to a Toggle element item is now possible on page load and when linking from another page.
  • UPDATED: Child theme in full package, to reflect the change for stylesheet dependency.
  • FIXED: WooCommerce list view styling being incorrect.
  • FIXED: WooCommerce responsive columns not working for the product category shortcode.
  • Bug Fix: Featured image slider on pages/posts not working.
  • Bug Fix: Container element background videos not working.
  • FIXED: Custom variation terms missing from import of new WooCommerce pre-built websites.
  • FIXED: Avada Live editor not working in some cases, depending on post type selection.
  • Some other minor bug fixes and improvements.

DESCRIPTION Avada – Website Builder For WordPress & WooCommerce Theme v7.3.1 Free Download

TypeWordPress Theme ( Original File + Nulled + Avada Child Theme)
NameAvada – Website Builder For WordPress & WooCommerce Theme v7.3.1 Free Download
Versionv7.3.1 ( Latest Version )
Update16 April, 2021
DemoAvada Theme Demo
CategoryBusiness & Multipurpose WordPress Theme
Selling PlatformThemeforest (Vendor: ThemeFusion)
Download TypeOriginal Zip File, No Nulled Version, No License Key, No Activation Key, No Registration Key, No Purchase Code, No Crack, Free Download from Google Drive,mediafire, 4shared

Avada – Website Builder For WordPress & WooCommerce Theme is a multipurpose ‘five star’ rated WordPress theme which is ranked #1 best selling theme on Themeforest. It can be used to create just about any type of website. With Avada, You can create an online portfolio, eCommerce shops, a gallery site, a content rich website or anything else you might need. Avada is power-packed enough to provide you with everything you need for your website. Avada – Website Builder For WordPress & WooCommerce Theme is suitable for both professionals and newbies because it comes with various pre-built demos. It also includes the Fusion page builder.

Fusion Theme Options

The Fusion theme option enables you to control your site globally. Options set in one place, will be applied throughout the site. With Theme options, you can control every design element and layout so that you can modify something and set it across every page and post.

Fusion Page Options

You can control individual post and pages with Fusion Page options. These options extend the global Theme Options, and thus allow you to modify or customize individual page and /posts that will be unique and completely different from the rest of your website. This can be done by overriding the global options settings in the Theme Options.

Dynamic Content System

Avada’s new Dynamic Content System provides ultimate design flexibility. Choose any regular post and re-design it with a unique layout in structure and composition. So, it completely transforms your site’s design.

60+ Design Elements

Avada – Website Builder For WordPress & WooCommerce Theme has highly flexible design elements for any layout. These Design Elements are varied and versatile, giving you a practically unending combination of alternatives to make dynamic and feature-rich content. Everything that you will need to connect to your target audience is provided in Fusion Library. Choose, drag & drop into place, and edit visually.

Fully Responsive

Avada – Website Builder For WordPress & WooCommerce Theme is perfect on any type of device. Avada is expertly created and adheres to all industry norms. The Avada Advanced Options Network provides you with a plenty of tools to guarantee you that your site’s layouts and Elements are rendered pixel-perfect on all type of mobile devices. The mobile visibility system is a particularly handy set of options that permits you to choose what to display on small, medium, and large screens.

One-Click Demo Importer

Avada – Website Builder For WordPress & WooCommerce Theme comes with a fast and flexible demo importing tool. Importing an Avada Pre-built demo is as easy as clicking a button and is very flexible. You can either choose to import a full demo or any part of it or any other demo and anything in between. Choose pages, posts, portfolios, images, sliders, theme options, widgets as you prefer. To import demos, you need to install specific plugins like sliders, contact forms, and eCommerce. The system will notify you about the plugins you need to install before importing demo.

No Coding Knowledge Required

It is that simple. Avada provides you the ability to build virtually any design style. Most Advanced Options Network combined with fast visual designing and editing keeps everything at your fingertips.

Sell on Avada With Flawless WooCommerce Integration

WooCommerce is a handy eCommerce plugin for anyone who wants to build an online ecommerce shop or catalog. You can create your online shop and start selling products immediately. Avada – Website Builder For WordPress & WooCommerce Theme provides excellent support and endless design integration options for WooCommerce by allowing you to create dynamic & stylish stores for any website design.

Premium Plugins

Avada – Website Builder For WordPress & WooCommerce Theme is bundled with several premium plugins – Fusion Builder, Slider Revolution, Layer Slider, Advanced Custom Fields PRO, Fusion White Label Branding, and Convert Plus. There is no need to purchase any additional license to use them. These plugins only need to be installed if you want to use them.

Design Integration

Avada – Website Builder For WordPress & WooCommerce Theme is compatible with popular plugins – The Events Calendar, WooCommerce, bbPress, Contact Form 7 etc. With these popular plugins, Avada’s Advanced Options Network and Element library extend the plugins capability and your ability to adjust to match your website’s style & branding.

GDPR Compliance

For visitor’s privacy, what needs to be compliant is the end-user website, not the software/framework. Avada – Website Builder For WordPress & WooCommerce Theme as an entity comply with GDPR norms as it does not collect any data. With all the necessary privacy tools in Avada, you can ensure that your websites are GDPR compliant with all data protection & privacy laws.

Translation & RTL Ready

Avada – Website Builder For WordPress & WooCommerce Theme, including the admin panel Dashboard, and the Fusion Builder are 100% translation ready. Avada includes a multitude of language files curated by our customer-base and prepared for you to use right away.

WPML is the most popular and versatile multilingual plugin available on the market. Avada and WPML work perfectly together. WPML’s deep integration with Avada means that your language needs are properly taken care of.

Avada is a also compatible with Polylang, a free WordPress plugin that enables you to create a bilingual or multilingual WordPress site. You can use as many languages as required. Right to left (RTL) language scripts are also supported.

100% In-House Developed

Many facets makes Avada a unique theme. The most important fact is that Avada – Website Builder For WordPress & WooCommerce Theme does not depend on 3rd party builders & tools to deliver a stable and seamless website building experience. There is no need to wait for 3rd party developers and tool creators for new updates for your theme. Avada is 100% maintained, evolved, and developed as per the strict WordPress and PHP coding standards. It gives you peace of mind and guarantees that your work will always be ahead of the latest & updating industry requirements.

Lifetime Updates

Avada – Website Builder For WordPress & WooCommerce Theme comes with free lifetime updates.

Free Download Avada v7.3.1 (Latest Version) – Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

Mediafire Link:

4shared Link:

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